Enter galactic, you and me.

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What I remember most about emotional abuse is that it’s like being put in a box. How you end up in there is the biggest trick – I never managed to work that one out. Maybe you think it’s a treasure box at first: you’re in there because you’re special. Soon the box starts to shrink. Every time you touch the edges there is an “argument”. So you try to make yourself fit. You curl up, become smaller, quieter, remove the excessive, offensive parts of your personality – you begin to notice lots of these. You eliminate people and interests, change your behaviour. But still the box gets smaller. You think it’s your fault. The terrible, unforgivable too-muchness of you is to blame. You don’t realise that the box is shrinking, or who is making it smaller. You don’t yet understand that you will never, ever be tiny enough to fit, or silent enough to avoid a row


Oh myyyyy

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Seeing some weather in Vegas today I haven’t witnessed in years. The entire valley is a light show.

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i could take over the world with these tights

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"This is a very similar angle and set up to a photo I shot a few years ago that was awarded Photo of the Year by SURFER. This was actually taken two years later and it really depicts just how varied nature can be. You have the heaving tube with Kalani Chapman, the double rainbow, the mountains, and the rain. They’re all lined up and working together." Photo: Noyle

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I want to rip off your logic
and make passionate sense to you.

I want to ride in the swing of your hips.

My fingers will dig in you like quotation marks,
blazing your limbs into parts of speech.

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(Short answer: no)

Five things to love:

(1) The URL keywords: retirement, feminists, jazzercise. It’s the little things.http://www.newrepublic.com/article/119578/ruth-bader-ginsburg-interview-retirement-feminists-jazzercise

(2) The fact that she quotes back to interviewer Jeffrey Rosen “YOU CAN’T SPELL TRUTH WITHOUT RUTH.”

(3) THIS:

"If there was one decision I would overrule, it would be Citizens United. I think the notion that we have all the democracy that money can buy strays so far from what our democracy is supposed to be.”

(4) Suck it, Ezekiel Emanuel:

"As long as I can do the job full steam, I will stay here. I think I will know when I’m no longer able to think as lucidly, to remember as well, to write as fast. I was number one last term in the speed with which opinions came down. My average from the day of argument to the day the decision was released was sixty days, ahead of the chief by some six days. So I don’t think I have reached the point where I can’t do the job as well."

(5) The Notorious R.B.G., owning it: 

JR: What is the opinion that you’ve written that you think has done the most to advance civil liberties?

RBG: Oh, Jeff, that’s like asking which of my four grandchildren I prefer. There have been so many.

Loving the sustained RBG love of late - this interview for Elle was terrific, too. Small snippet: 

Q: Does it make a difference having three women justices?

A: Yes, an enormous difference….When Sandra left, I was all alone…. Now Kagan is on my left, and Sotomayor is on my right. So we look like we’re really part of the court and we’re here to stay. Also, both of them are very active in oral arguments. They’re not shrinking violets. It’s very good for the schoolchildren who parade in and out of the court to see.

See it —> be it.

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Click here for more of Jon Stewart’s coverage of the recent House Committee on Science, Space and Technology hearing.

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